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I come from Ukraine but I've been living in Czechia since 2016. I put together all my interests - art, meeting new people and getting better at what I do - and so I became a tattoo artist. I will gladly welcome anyone in the studio, no matter your taste! I like to work with clients that are not afraid to trust me. I like tattooing in itself so I can tattoo anything you want - from a small heart to a full back piece.


tattoo artist

I've been making tattoos since 2017 and I like designs related to nature the most, but I can appreciate dark humour as well! The tattoo session with me is a small relaxing ritual - you can forget about your daily problems and just enjoy the experience. No matter if planned or spontaneous, I enjoy printing memories into your skin. With bigger projects, I would like to sit down with you and chat for a bit - so we can vibe together before, during or after the session!


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